Did your Magento project hit a roadblock with your current developer? Did your ecommerce store get hacked? Is your Magento site out of date and vulnerable to a security breach? Give us a call now!

Magento is a complex application that show be managed by certified Magento developers. Your online store may not need to have a full-time developer on staff to fix issues. That why partnering with TheeDesign to address your Magento project problems is a wise and affordable decision. We want your online store up an running, fast!

Magento Recovery Services

Magento Code Audit

Magento Certified Developer will help identify bugs, fatal errors, extension issues and performance improvements.

Bug Fixing

We will help identify the cause of any Magento issue and remedy the situation.


Need help migrating? Whether your upgrading versions of Community Edition or moving to Magento Enterprise, we’ve got you covered

Speed Fixes

Stop losing customers to poor load speeds. Let’s optimize your Magento store.

Security Patches

We will make sure the latest security patches are installed and make you aware of any additional vulnerabilities


We can help with getting Magento connected to your ERP, CRM, Payment Gateway and other critical systems.

Magento Project Recovery Help

We’re here to help! We know projects go off the rails sometimes. Replacing a developer who just isn’t experienced enough happens a lot with Magento. That’s why, following a code audit, we are able to take over your Magento project and complete your project. We will work with you to understand what needs to be improved,¬†bugs that need squashing or additional features you’d like implemented.