VisionQuest Wealth Management is an established regional financial services firm with offices in Raleigh, Charlotte, and Richmond, VA. VisionQuest (VQ) takes a boutique approach to providing their clients with customized holistic wealth management solutions. VisionQuest’s previous website was not portraying the prestige, level of integrity, and trustworthiness that the company is so well-known for.

Taking in mind the importance of building trust with VisionQuest’s clients through their experience on the VisionQuest website, TheeDesign strategically designed the new website to cogently communicate traits of trustworthiness, integrity, and credibility.

The Challenge

A business’s website helps prospective clients to get to know the organization. The prospect’s experience on the site builds trust, establishes credibility, expertise, and ultimately assists in their decision to work with that business. The former website for VisionQuest did not accomplish these things.

VisionQuest’s previous website suffered from an outdated design, didn’t easily showcase video media, and was unable to resonate with the target audience. In short, the site was not helping VisionQuest accomplish their business goals in any way, and more often than not was a hindrance to those goals.

Online customers were interested in learning about the organization, and metrics showed that they often visited the team page. Customers wanted to know the business on a personal level, but the old VisionQuest website made it difficult for them to do so. The team bios were all on one long page that required quite a bit of scrolling.

VisionQuest also had a lengthy knowledge library of great resources (now called VQ Perspective). However, the library wasn’t easy to find on the site and the content was badly organized, making it overwhelming to users searching for information on a specific topic.

VisionQuest’s old website wasn’t resonating with their target audience. While they wanted a tasteful design, VisionQuest did stress the need to showcase the video content on their site. TheeDesign’s web designers used an intuitive layout to display the services that made them easier to navigate, and designed the pages to include video.

The Solution

VisionQuest invests time and energy with each customer to understand them on all levels, in order to deliver financial and wealth management solutions that are tailor-made for the customer. Like VisionQuest’s practice, our web design team took a proactive approach in getting to know VisionQuest’s vision, values, and goals. The result is a fresh, new WordPress website that appeals to their target audience; appeases current, life-long customers; and aligns with the VQ vision.

TheeDesign’s team of WordPress web designers developed a new website that echos VisionQuest’s value of high-quality, custom services and emphasizes the focus on personalization, without sacrificing credibility as a data-driven institution.

The relationship with a digital prospect begins once they’ve hit the website. Since VisionQuest is built on strong, long-lasting relationships, it was imperative that the website make an excellent first impression in beginning that client-firm relationship. The new website has a fresh new design that conveys credibility off-the-bat.

Flexibility was built into the new VisionQuest website to equip them to handle growth, new service offerings, incorporate more video and rich media into the site, and further opportunities down the road. The WordPress interface makes it easy for members of VisionQuest to access the backend of the site and make the appropriate changes or updates.

In addition to a new design, the website was edited for a more personable approach. While VQ’s website needed to resonate on a business level, it also needed to speak to the human level. With updated titles like, “What Matters To You,” versus “Our Services,” the site now aligns with VQ’s commitment to high personalization.

VQ Perspective, the knowledge base of news and articles that offer financial expertise on relevant topics, is better organized and more easy to browse. There are also high-quality photos of the VQ offices and workspace, and a redesigned team page with in-depth bio information and contact details to connect prospects with every member.

The Results

When handling someone’s wealth, you need to have a lot of trust. If the website design isn’t impressive or seems outdated, how could someone trust a company to keep their finances updated with the latest strategies and technologies? TheeDesign’s new website for VisionQuest solved the trust issue and represented VisionQuest with the level of integrity the company has worked so hard to preserve.

Our project management team worked with VisionQuest every step of the way, while our web designers heeded VisionQuest’s concept to make their website come to fruition. Working together, TheeDesign also guided VisionQuest with proven best practices for attaining the goals of the website.

Once the website was launched, VisionQuest was not at TheeDesign’s mercy should a new article need to be posted, or if an image needs to be changed. TheeDesign presented a one-on-one, personal WordPress training session, enabling VisionQuest to be actively involved in the company website that they rely on for new client acquisition, client education, and so much more.

As for analytics for the new website, the VisionQuest team page is the second most visited page (only next to the homepage, which is typically always the first most visited page of a website), which shows success in developing an easily navigable site where people are able to learn more about the company. The contact page is also on the list of top 10 most visited pages, demonstrating the effectiveness of reaching VQ’s target audience.

The numbers show that prospects and users across the state are spending more time on the site to get to know this credible wealth management firm, their team, and the customized financial services solutions they offer.