Since 2008 InvestiQuant has provided industry-trusted quantitative research tools and services to amateur and professional investors and traders worldwide.

The Challenge

InvestiQuant needed a powerful, data-driven tool that could effectively help active investors research different stocks and make logical decisions based on real-time and historical stock data. TheeDesign was tasked with designing and developing this stock analysis tool and building it on a web-based platform for members to access and use online.

How They Found Us

InvestiQuant did their research to find an experienced web development company who could help them develop this complex, web-based tool. Shortly after a Google Search for ‘Raleigh Web Development’ we began working together to turn their vision into reality.

How We Helped Them features a powerful stock search engine members can utilize to find real-time and historical data on specific stocks. The search engine features auto-completion technology making it easy for users to search for domestic stock information. TheeDesign also developed custom stock charts that dynamically display individual stock data in real-time giving users a visual tool to utilize as well. Members who purchase InvestiQuant subscriptions have access to more elite information, the ability to favorite specific charts giving them quick access to constantly changing stock data, and access to exclusive member forums.

Custom Web Development