As an exterminator, being fearless is just one of your many talents – you deal with the pests that so many people dread to go home to or find at their place of business. The question is: does your pest control website reflect your exterminating expertise?

While potential customers used to simply look in the phone book to find a pest control company, most people now search the internet for reviews, availability, and rates – and more importantly, a website that gives them that information and is easy to use. As a pest control business owner, no one is expecting you to get your degree in web design, but a functional pest control website is a necessary part of your business: it’s the first face of your company that your potential customers see.

TheeDesign is a web design and development agency that has several years of expertise with pest control websites. We create beautiful new sites or modify existing pest control websites to ensure that your customers have an enjoyable experience when they first interact with the face of your company.

Custom Pest Control Web Design

Think about how your customers feel when they give you a call – they’re frightened, unsettled, and disgusted. They want information about what to do and when you, the exterminator, can come out to fix the problem. When it comes to your web design, TheeDesign will build a site that provides that feeling of reassurance and safety that you give your customers over the phone, only through a computer screen.

What Your Custom Pest Control Website Could Include:

  • Online Scheduling Tool – Let us build a scheduler right into your website – giving your customers the satisfaction and sense of security of knowing when you’ll be taking care of their pest problem.
  • Online Bill Pay Tool – Streamline your billing on your new website, and allow your customers to visit you electronically to settle their bills.
  • Emergency Services Tool – Do you provide 24-hour emergency pest control services, but have trouble getting customers to call the right number? We’ll redesign your front page to ensure that customers cannot miss how to contact you.

Pest Control Web Development

Perhaps your site is a little old and it just needs a facelift, or maybe you went with a website template that isn’t generating as much business as you’ve hoped. Whatever the state your site is in, TheeDesign is ready and willing to revamp your existing website so that it creates a better, easier, and more informative web-browsing experience for your customers.

Benefits of Working With a Web Design Agency

Happy Clients

Our clients stay with us because our website design and digital marketing experience deliver results.

Smart Website Design

Easily update ONE website and see your content populate across all device types – saving you time and money.

SEO Expertise

We improve your website’s visibility in search engine results so customers can discover you.

Increase ROI

We help you engage visitors with device-friendly layouts that increase visitors, conversions, and revenue.

TheeDesign for Your Pest Control Company

Ever since we started doing business in 2004, TheeDesign has worked with several pest control companies in the Raleigh-Durham area, providing not only web design services but digital marketing and pay-per-click advertising for pest control companies as well.