TheeDesign is an award-winning web design and internet marketing company in North Carolina. We serve the larger Greensboro area including places like Jamestown, Oak Ridge, Gibsonville, and Archdale.


Responsive Web Design for Greensboro Businesses

TheeDesigners are experts when it comes to responsive web design for your website. We can develop a site that will adapt to a variety of screen sizes and will increase your search results ranking and heighten your conversions.

Instead of building several sites of a variety of sizes, we build one, comprehensive site that will change and adapt to fit any device at any time. These sites are high-functioning, state-of-the-art, and beautifully crafted. We pride ourselves in our winning combination of intelligent CSS coding techniques and superior visual artistry. We have built several award-winning websites that are modern, functional, and read very well on a variety of mobile devices.

Why is Responsive Design Important?

  • Nearly 80% of all internet traffic comes from mobile digital devices.
  • Mobile-friendly websites maintain proportional dimensions which means your content will read well onscreen.
  • Responsive sites are long-lasting because they change to fit any screen size, including screen dimensions that have not yet hit the market.
  • Google ranks mobile-friendly websites higher than websites that are not responsive.
  • Responsive websites are must more cost-effective, especially as compared to the hassle of developing many websites to conform with each type of device.
  • Conversion rates are much higher due to the convenience and user experience.