TheeDesign is a North Carolina web design agency serving the entire Chapel Hill area such as Carrboro, Durham, Apex, and Morrisville.

Our web designers can build a site that looks great on all computers, tablets, and mobile devices.

If your site doesn’t have mobile-friendly capabilities, you could be losing business. Think of it this way: when you google something, where do you usually look from first? You search using the gadget that is most accessible to you at the time, which, for most people, is their phone. If your site is non-responsive, it could be frustrating its users and costing you customers and potential business.

Advantages of a Mobile-Friendly Website

Because smartphones and tablets are the easiest way to view information on the internet, it is important to have a site that can adapt to any of these screen sizes with ease. Trying to navigate a non-responsive website from your phone is tricky an often frustrating. People who would otherwise probably contact you could grow tired of trying to do so, and just abandon your site altogether.

Did you know?

  • A large amount of internet traffic comes from mobile devices- almost 80%.
  • Mobile-friendly websites can keep a normal and navigable design regardless of the screen’s dimensions, ensuring that your content is always easily accessible.
  • Mobile-friendly sites rank higher in search engine results.
  • Responsive websites are actually quite cost-effective and they have a longer lifespan than regular websites.

Responsive and Mobile Friendly Web Design for Chapel Hill

In this day and age, it’s important that your business have all the tools it needs to succeed, and a responsive website is a great place to start. Well-designed sites will help set you apart from your competitors, even in Chapel Hill. TheeDesign’s mobile friendly site design is a sure-fire way to save you money and build you a great, effective, and expansive internet presence. Our designers can turn your business and your vision into a long-lasting site that will enhance your online business and garner a stronger clientele.