TheeDesign is a full-service internet marketing and web design agency serving the entire state of North Carolina, including the entire Burlington area such as Graham, Reidville, Glen Raven, and Alamance.

Our web design experts can design a high-functioning, beautifully responsive website that fits every mobile device.

When searching for something online, most people resort to their phones or tablets first. If your site is non-responsive, it can be difficult and frustrating to try and navigate it–your potential customers will move on quickly, not wanting to bother with something they can’t read or find.

Responsive Web Design’s Advantages for Burlington Businesses

Because the majority of online traffic (nearly 80%) comes from mobile users, it’s important to consider the profitability of a responsive website. Check out these other great benefits of mobile-friendly web design:

  • Mobile-friendly websites maintain¬†their dimensions across all digital apparatuses, so your content will remain clear and easy to maneuver.
  • Responsive sites last much longer, as they are ready for any new gadget measurements that come onto the market in the future.
  • Google tends to rank these websites considerably higher than those that are non-responsive.
  • You only need one responsive website, saving you money in the long run (as well as time) by avoiding the creation of multiple different sites to fit multiple screens.

Web Design Experts of Burlington

TheeDesign’s team of web designers know that responsive sites are the way to the most profit with the least amount of effort. In addition to the sheer cost-efficiency of mobile-friendly sites, your site will be more adaptable to any new technology that inevitably comes out in the future.

Instead of making a bunch of different sites to adhere to a variety of screen sizes, our designers can create one optimized, cohesive version for your business. They specialize in CSS coding fundamentals that can change and comply with industry and hardware updates.

It’s Time to Increase your Search Engine Ranking!

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