Marketing automation helps your business with executing inbound marketing and retention marketing strategies. Since marketing has had to become more focused on addressing the different points in the buyer’s journey, marketing automation platforms have helped businesses become more effective addressing the needs of prospects interested in their services in real-time.

Marketing automation platforms like Pardot, HubSpot, and even iContact Pro, help you track and manage complex sales funnels, buyer paths, and various user behaviors in order to perfect your marketing strategy. Connect with customers using highly targeted, relevant messaging at every step in the customer journey. During their journey, you’ll know if a prospect is ready to become a lead by how they engage with your marketing by using lead scoring. Once your prospect is ready, your sales team will evaluate and contact the prospect to confirm and continue developing the relationship.

Benefits of Marketing Automation

Customer Nurturing

Scale lead nurturing efforts to convert more customers when they are ready to convert

Streamlined Marketing

Automate marketing activities to measure effectiveness and save valuable time

Understand your Buyers

Get clearer insight into buyer behavior to generate more revenue

Gain a Competitive Edge

Leave the competition behind by staying top-of-mind with your customers

Marketing Automation Management Services

At TheeDesign, we understand the powerful capabilities of marketing automation software, and use it to generate new leads, nurture prospects, and build on existing customer relationships. We help our clients plan, build, execute, and measure marketing campaigns for every point in the buyer’s journey. We will help your marketing and sales departments come into alignment.

The success of marketing automation lies in its implementation. That is why it’s important to partner with an agency that knows how to properly implement and manage automation platforms.

Our marketing automation strategists are skilled (some certified) in working with platforms like Pardot, Hubspot, and Infusionsoft and Mailchimp. A few examples of our skills and what we execute on are below:

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Story Boarding
  • Buyer’s Journey Mapping
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Campaign Management
  • Lead Scoring
  • Lead Management
  • CRM Integration
  • Email Marketing
  • Landing Pages
  • A/B Testing

Is Your Company Ready for Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation helps businesses that have a need to manage the high number of touch points they can have with their customers. Businesses that are ready to take their email marketing strategy to the next level by sending event-triggered emails, launching lead generation programs or emailing recommendations from your ecommerce store. If you are starting a brand new business or don’t have an active email list we recommend starting with email marketing to establish consistency and grow your list. Our digital marketing specialists can assist your organization with planning and executing an email marketing strategy to prepare your company for your future marketing requirements.

Let our Marketing Automation Strategists Help

Partnering with the right agency for your marketing automation management needs can help you reach your goal of driving more revenue. Let us help your business realize the benefits of properly utilizing a marketing automation platform within your digital marketing.