Raleigh Email Marketing Tips

Email marketing is a cost-effective way to reach existing customers and potential clients. By utilizing a quality newsletter system – and cultivating a subscriber list – you have the ability to keep your products and services in front of individuals who may need them. Our email marketing tutorials provide information on how to do both.

Smart email subject lines

Smarter Email Subject Lines

Even in the business word, people make mistakes and send out their email marketing campaigns with a dull or generic sounding subject line. Some companies never change their subject line from month to month, and then wonder why their open rate and click through rate then decrease. Having a fresh, short, and well researched subject line may be the difference between your newsletter getting read and going in the junk folder.

Can You Handle More Customers?

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Learn to Write Call to Actions

Click Here! How to Write a Great Call to Action

As can be demonstrated through many recruitment posters throughout the last 100 years, the military has given us a blueprint as marketers to maximize our own “recruitment posters”: action-packed and enthusiastic text, a sense of urgency, a short and simple message, a reason for action, and contrasting colors. If you include all of these factors in your website’s Call to Action, your Click Through Rate will soar up into the wild blue yonder.