You spend a lot of time, money and effort to get people to your website. You have thought in terms of SEO and determined that you have quality content and that it is informative to your client base as well as potential customers. It has a modern look and feel and is mobile friendly. You see in your analytics report that you have a solid amount of traffic. But do you feel like something is missing – such as sales or calls from your users?

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Why Aren’t My Website Visitors Converting?

If your website visitors aren’t converting into sales, calls, or people filling out your contact form, you probably have not given them a good reason to do so. You need to make it plain that what you offer is the answer to their problem. To do this, you must think from the visitors’ point of view.

The first thing you need to focus on is getting a visitor past the first few seconds of when they land on your page. People’s attention spans online are very short. Almost as fast as someone changing channels on TV.

Your first priority is to engage them so they dig into the content on the rest of the page or further into your website. People don’t land on one page of your website and within ten seconds hit the BUY NOW button.

You need to reassure your visitors that they have the page they have been searching for. Answering the question they had in mind is usually the easiest way. Try to anticipate why they need this page to begin with.

Examples of text for this would be:

  • Located in Fairfax, we have the largest selection of hunting gear in Virginia
  • Our exterminators have dealt with every type of insect in Texas
  • We have over 2,000 different leather sofas in stock ready for pick up, today

This is far more effective than having a page labeled Sofas. It’s also important to have that “hook” near the top of the page – users may not scroll down far if they’re not sure that your company is a good match for what they searched for.

If you have a website where people make purchases you need to let them know this transaction will be easy and shopping on your website is their best choice.

Types of Website Hooks

Small website hooks

  • Rated #1
  • Largest Selection
  • Guaranteed

Large website hooks

  • Use this promo code to get 25% off
  • First 30 days free
  • Buy now and delivered by Christmas

Many businesses have a longer sales cycle – their typical customer would not simply log into their website and make a purchase that same day. So often times there is a research phase that clients go through before they purchase. You’ll need a different type of hook to capture these customers, such as:

  • Download our five page definitive guide on Cloud Hosting.

To download the guide, the customer has to simply enter in their first name and email address. This then allows you to add them to your email list and continue a conversation with them during your longer sales cycle.

But this type hook would not work for all users. To someone that is trying to learn more about this technology, this is a great offer and has a high likelihood of getting them to take action. If it’s a customer looking at another product such as buying a domain from this fictional company, they may not be interested in this.

Throughout your website you should be questioning whether you have asked the customer buy, to contact you, or to get more information. You must balance this with thinking about what the benefit the users gets from doing that action.

ADD TO CART is not the Hook.

Add to cart is a function of your site, not a hook to engage the user. A proper hook in relation to buying items is:

  • Get free shipping by adding $14.97 more to your cart.

If your company depends on your website to bring in more business, contact us. We’d be happy to discuss ways your site can capture more from the traffic you already have.

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