Remarketing ads are a great way for you to capture potential customers for your website. When these ads are setup in your Adwords account, any visitor to your website is tagged with a marker. When that same uses then visits other website on the Google Display Network (such as Yahoo, YouTube, Blogger, Google Finance, and many, many more), they can potentially see your ad.

Since that user has already visited your website at least one time, they are more likely to be interested in your ad than a campaign that’s advertising to people who may not already know your website. The ads are intended for the users to revisit your site and engage with you.

While the Remarketing function isn’t for all businesses, it can be useful for most and can be used to increase sales for your business. Here are a few reasons that Remarketing can boost revenue.

Remarketing Ads Raleigh

Reconnect With Lost Visitors

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that a potential customer who is familiar with your business is more apt to buy as opposed to somebody who doesn’t. It’s like the difference between cold calling a prospect versus reaching out to someone who was recommended to you by their friend. Their friend has already mentioned your brand, and your call to them reintroduces them to it. The same thinking applies here as Remarketing allows you to reconnect with individuals who have a basic knowledge of your business, products or services.

This is especially helpful for retail customers. If you were shopping on a site looking at kayaking equipment, and then see an ad on another site about that brand, it may re-engage the user with your brand.

Get Your Brand Out There

Remarketing allows you to keep your brand and company in front of people as they surf the internet. While they may not immediately make a purchase, you’re staying in front of them and should be on their mind when they think of your service or product.

Get Creative with Ads & Promotions

By using cookies, your site visitors get “tagged” when you use the Remarketing function. This basically give you a “warm” lead, providing an opportunity to get creative with banners ads and specific promotions just for these individuals. The person had some interest in what you offer, so maybe that little extra incentive or viewing a dynamic ad that specifically targets these users, could be the push they need to make the purchase or complete a desired action.

Rule of Seven

A common marketing rule says that a prospect needs to see your hear your message seven times for them to take action. The remarketing ads that follow them around the web accomplish this for you. Within a week (depending on your ad setup), the customer can see your ads 10 or more times. The ads serve as small reminders to them about your brand, making it more likely they will reengage with you.

Build Loyalty

Remarketing allows retailers to stay in front of potential customers with company information and news, along with special offers. It allows you to create an awareness that will drive people to your site… and repeat visits should lead to more sales.

Google’s Remarketing tool is more effective than traditional display network ads and offers a higher conversion rate. If you want to learn more about the way you can gain more leads with Remarketing ads, our Paid Search marketing experts are here to help! Give us a call at 919-341-8901 or contact us online today.