Do you use Twitter? If so, you’ve probably wondered at one time or another why nobody interacts with you and your brand. Here are a few tips to bring engagement to your Twitter account, starting today.

Best practices on using Twitter

We’ve all been there, you sign into Twitter, tweet out a few things, but you get no response. If you don’t get any engagement when you first use Twitter that’s fine.  Twitter takes a little bit getting used to, even for the most savvy social media veteran. The first thing to remember is that, just like every other social media platform, Twitter is all about engaging with your community.

The following are tips from our Raleigh marketing team that will help you create engagement today.

  • Remember to use pictures to your advantage, when using Twitter. Chances are high, that you might find yourself using a smartphone or a tablet to tweet, so don’t forget to use your camera’s device to your advantages.  When you go to a conference take a picture or in the case of Snickers, you can upload funny pictures from your home or office.
TheeDesign Twitter Tips: Be Human
  • Be human. This is true, not just for personal accounts but for your brand as well. By showing that your brand is human more people will want to engage with you, so tell people hi when you walk into a building or send a heart felt message about the events going on in real time.
TheeDesign Twitter Tips: Be Human
  • Ask questions, to your followers. By asking questions, you can find out who is actively listening and wanting to engage with your brand.
TheeDesign Twitter Tips: Ask Questions
  • Talk to brands. Almost every brand has an account today, so instead of saying hey I’m eating a Snickers, say “hey I’m eating a @Snickers!” By engaging with other brands you are openly engaging with a possible dialogue between yourself and the brands that your customers use.
TheeDesign Tips: Talk to Brands
  • But most importantly give people something to tweet about. Most marketers like coffee, so if you’re wanting to reach marketers, talk to them about coffee.
TheeDesign Twitter Tips: Engage your audience

Twitter, just like most social media channels is ever-evolving, but if you follow the above tips you will be on your way to engaging with your audience today.

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