Google has made more improvements to its Maps service. Now, not only is it more user-friendly, but it also has some great tools and advantages for small businesses.

Search has become more powerful with the new Google Maps. This means that when users search for a service in their area, local businesses that are properly setup and optimized will show up in their Maps results. The most relevant to the search query will also be highlighted in red, giving local businesses an extra boost in traffic and potential customers.

The new Google Maps are now more personalized to individual users. This means that businesses who have ties to social networks within the user’s networks will show more prominently than businesses who are not optimized for social media. Business names and helpful information like phone number, store hours, and customer reviews are more prominent as well.

These user-friendly changes mean that Maps users will be more likely to check out local businesses online before visiting them in-person. So make sure your business presence is strong! Update your photos on Google+ and encourage great photos from your customers.

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