The title tag is, and always has been, one of the most important factors for websites to achieve high rankings in search engine results.

So how does it work? Search Engine Land editor Danny Sullivan talks about how title tags can help your website SEO.

What Are Title Tags?

A Title Tag is a piece of code that is part of an overall HTML document. It is used to briefly and accurately describe the topic and theme of an online document (i.e. website or webpage). It essentially tells search engines what your website or page is about.

Title Tags are displayed in two key places:

  1. The top bar of internet browsers
  2. Search engines display title tags in their results

Optimizing Title Tags for SEO

Title tags are one of the best return on investment SEO techniques because they are a low effort and high return task. Most CMS website platforms like WordPress and Magento can be customized to include user-friendly solutions that allow you to create and edit title tags without having to edit the source code, and without a programmer’s help.

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