Those in the SEO industry, and the general public alike, have known for a while now that Google advertising has a huge impact on the position and effectiveness of organic search engine results.

So what does Google AdWords (PPC) among search results actually look like in 2013? A team at SEOMoz set out to get a better idea of the current landscape: where are the ads, how many are there, what combinations of ads occur in search results, and how often do they show up.

They collected data from 10,000 page one Google SERPs via on a weekday during normal business hours. Personalization was turned off, and keywords and categories were pulled from AdWords’ keyword tools. Their findings are illustrated in the infographic below.

AdWords Infographic 2013 by SEOmoz

AdWords Infographic 2013 by SEOmoz

How the AdWords Landscape Affects You

If you rely on the Google search engine to drive traffic to your website and engage potential customers (which is basically 99.9% of all businesses), Google’s ongoing updates to their AdWords platform can have a direct impact on the performance of your business’ website search ranking and number of site visitors. This emphasizes the importance of being #1 for your most important keywords. Not paying attention to your website ranking or making time for ongoing organic SEO maintenance could quickly result in your website getting pushed down by more prominent paid advertisements to the lowly page 2 (or 3, or 4…) of search results.

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