How many business contacts do you have in your Rolodex? And of those contacts, how many have you in theirs? It’s probably safe to assume that if you are in their Rolodex, you are important to them.

The idea of a Rolodex may seem outdated, but it paints an accurate picture of backlinks.  The more popular you are, the more credible you seem which gives you the edge, especially online.

Backlinks are simply any link from one webpage to another webpage.  The more links you have from your page to a reputable page or the more links from another page to your page increases your chance for Google and other major search engines to give your site a higher ranking. Essentially it’s all about popularity, how many other sites think you are reputable and valuable to the industry.

Backlink Checklist

  • Use backlinks throughout your website, but use them correctly.
  • Link information to reputable websites, specifically those with .edu, or .gov. endings as they are established authority websites.
  • Ask reputable sites if they wouldn’t mind linking to you as long is the information is relevant.
  • Create anchor text to link the information instead of using the full web address.
  • Utilize your social media sites so your fans can actively pass the information along to their friends. There is nothing better than having your information shared over and over again throughout Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Backlinking can be time-consuming, but when done correctly the results will make it all worthwhile. You will see a dramatic increase in how your information is presented, not only on the internet but to your readers, fans and clients.

Happy Backlinking!

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