North Carolina is the state we call home. We love the collegiate atmosphere, the awesome climate, the excellent opportunities for business and most of all, the people of North Carolina.

Many of us at TheeDesign Studio are from elsewhere; California, New York, Kansas, Connecticut, Michigan and even Hungary. We all agree that this is the one of the strongest economies in the country and an excellent place to raise a family.

Personally, I have lived all over the country and can say that there’s no place quite like NC. I like being able to drive for a couple of hours East to some of the most beautiful beaches the Atlantic Coast has to offer or drive a couple of hours West of here and let my kids experience natural wonders of the Appalachian Mountains.

The folks at NC Headlines agree with us and they created this awesome infographic that displays some of the best features North Carolina offers it’s residents and tourists. From the Hatteras Lighthouse to the Biltmore Estate to The Birthplace of NASCAR in Hickory, North Carolina is just about the best place to live and work.

North Carolina Infographic

North Carolina Infographic

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