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Wilson has spent his working career in various marketing positions with different-sized companies. When he graduated from Wake Forest University in 2011, he spent some time in Winston-Salem and Charlotte interning at the Charlotte Motor Speedway. He then moved up home to Philadelphia and worked in two successive marketing and digital marketing positions, one with a startup company. These positions started his training and interest in internet marketing and SEO as both companies considered internet marketing to be a subset of regular marketing tasks. Wilson continued in his position with the startup as a remote worker for some time after moving back to North Carolina but eventually found himself desirous of a new position.

In June of 2016, Wilson accepted a position with TheeDesign, and started learning more about the SEO industry than he had in his previous years of experience almost immediately. Since then, he has helped clients seek out internet marketing success. He also enjoys putting his liberal arts skills to work creating content for clients.


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Social Media Management
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Content Production
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Outside TheeDesign

Out of the office, Wilson spends most of his time in the gym, reading, or on the computer. Wilson is an avid weightlifter, and during the weekdays you will find him lifting after the work day almost every evening. During the weekends, Wilson splits his time between reading about World War 2 and on the computer playing World War 2 video games (bit of a trend there).

He enjoys cooking, gaming, traveling, and spending time with friends. Wilson hopes to join the US Navy or the US State Department and also loves watching Annapolis play football.

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