About Lindsey

Lindsey is a copywriter currently using her skills for the betterment of TheeDesign and its clients. Since graduating from college in 2005, she has gained experience in many different professions across a number of industries. As a court reporter in the Washington, DC area, she worked with many different lawyers, litigators, and government officials on the federal, state, and local levels. Working alongside subcontractors like HVAC technicians, plumbers, and electricians, Lindsey gained keen insight into the construction world. A lifelong writer, reader, and logophile, she pursued a master’s degree program in advertising and copywriting, and has since been striving to help her clients express themselves.

As a member of the TheeDesign team, Lindsey combines her strong writing skills with her knowledge of SEO and marketing to ensure that her clients achieve their goals. Her writing abilities, campaign conception skills, and brand voice expertise are just a few of the skills that she brings to the table, and she endeavors always to provide her clients with the right words.


Blog and Content Writing
Brand Voice

Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Marketing
Photoshop Retouching

Creative Direction
Video and Radio Script Writing

Out of the Office

When Lindsey isn’t throwing $5 words at her coworkers, she loves traveling and arguing about arbitrary things like Star Wars and when to add salt when cooking. Again to the chagrin of her colleagues, she enjoys punning when possible. Born and raised in San Francisco by a Southern mother and a British father, Lindsey has lived on the East Coast since 2001 and happily moved to North Carolina in 2014.

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