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John has been obsessed with marketing for over 20 twenty years. He got started as a teenager designing websites for local rock bands. He later discovered his true passion for the art of marketing while working for the US Army’s Special Operations Command serving as a Psychological Operations Specialist and also trained as a Military Intelligence Analyst within the intelligence community. John was able to leverage search to analyze and disseminate information around the same time that Google and social media platforms came to popularity.  Since then, John has been able to develop quite a talent for understanding the psychology of the way people search.

After his service in the military,  he was hired on as a radio dj for one of the top rated radio stations in Fayetteville, NC. Under the pseudonym, Johnny B, he was able to entertain the masses with his plethora of useless knowledge and witty banter.


Digital Marketing Strategy
Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
Google AdWords

Pay Per Click Advertising
Bing AdWords
Google Analytics

Social Media Marketing
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Outside TheeDesign

When John isn’t helping companies grow their digital brand, you can usually find him on the trails hiking. He loves to hike, backpack and play video games on his PS4. John also loves to volunteer his time with Boy Scouts , USO , and the Veterans Administration.

“Do or Do Not, There Is No Try” – Master Yoda

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