About Charlotte Klingler

As a Junior Project Manager, Charlotte works closely with the design and development team to actionize the production team’s strategies and manage client expectations. Combining her sharp eyes with being detail-oriented, Charlotte makes sure that TheeDesign’s high standards for quality are met on every project.

She believes in strong collaboration between our team and our clients: honesty, respect, and a pinch of creativity and spontaneity from both sides are what makes a project successful.

Charlotte holds a Master’s Degree in International Business from NC State and Skema French Business School.

Without any expertise in the digital arena, she started as a Marketing Intern at TheeDesign. Her lack of expertise didn’t deter her, and, eager to learn, she was promoted to Production Assistant while also taking some programming courses. She is now a Junior Project Manager, managing development tasks, and client successes. Charlotte happily confers her enthusiasm and excitement on every project with a French accent.

Prior to TheeDesign, Charlotte has traveled all over the globe, combining her passion for traveling with career goals. She has experience as both a Market Analyst for Brand Agency in Los Angeles and as an intern in a luxury brand packaging agency for the L’Oréal Group in Paris. Charlotte’s passion for the agency world started at her first job at a famous international advertising agency helping to incorporate an Airline Alliance ground brand vision into the design of the interior lounge salon in Shanghai.


Digital Strategy
Project Management
Customer Service

User Experience Design
Creative Conceptualization
Wireframe Desgign

WordPress Implementation
E-commerce Solutions
Search Engine Optimization

Outside TheeDesign

When Charlotte is not working, she is either practicing her yoga poses or discovering new places with her cat on a leash. She loves food and is always up for a good restaurant with friends.

“There is no failure. Only feedback.”

“Practice without improvement is meaningless”

“Keep looking, there is always a solution.”

Photos of Charlotte