As a Google Premier Partner Agency, TheeDesign enables your marketing with certified specialists that have up-to-date expertise in Google Tools including Google Search, Analytics, AdWords, YouTube, and more. We are an agency partner with exclusive access to the latest Google insights across all industries covered by Google search and digital advertising.

Did you know that only 3% of all Google Partners worldwide are qualified and recognized as a Premier Partner by Google? We’re honored to be included with such an elite group of Google professionals.

Expert analysis and well-informed insights, in partnership with our dedicated Google Agency Partner resource team, give your digital advertising and online initiatives a powerful competitive advantage.

Google Partner Certification

Gain comfort in knowing that all of our digital marketing specialists are certified in essential Google tools such as Analytics and AdWords and must maintain their certifications through continuing education provided by Google. But, earning Google Premier Partner Agency status requires much more.

As a certified and badged Google partner agency, we have teams of digital marketers certified in a wide variety of Google products and have demonstrated superior competency in analytics and delivering digital marketing results to our customers.

To maintain our Google Partner agency status, our digital marketers keep their Google credentials up-to-date and demonstrate a high level of implementation and performance in Google-enhanced digital marketing.

Our dedicated Google Agency team is highly accessible, provides weekly training on the latest Google product updates to our staff, and allows our customers access to campaign features not available outside of the agency partner relationship.