The team at TheeDesign Studio is comprised of highly educated professionals who are experts in their respective fields. Check out their brief bios, watch their fascinating videos, then schedule a complimentary, no obligation consultation to discuss your online needs. It’s that easy!

None of Us Is as Smart as All of Us!

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Remember, when you hire TheeDesign Studio, you are working with an entire team, not just one person. Our experience and excellence – combined with world-class customer care – sets us apart from the competition.

Richard Horvath
Owner / President / SEO Expert

Richard is the founder of TheeDesign Studio. He built his first website in 1999 and has proven himself as a talent in the internet marketing community for over 7 years. He is available anytime to discuss your online needs and how TheeDesign Studio can help your business succeed.

Gabrielle Underhill
Lead Project Manager

As a Lead Project Manager at TheeDesign Studio, Gabrielle collaborates with our designers and developers to take each client's vision from concept to completion. She works closely with the client to truly understand their goals and contributes ideas and suggestions that help the project come to life visually while keeping total user experience as a primary objective.

Tevan Alexander
Lead Project Manager

Tevan is the Lead Project Manager at TheeDesign Studio. He works with TheeTeam to design and build websites using the latest web design standards, styles, and technologies. Tevan is also responsible for ensuring that communication is flowing, projects are organized, and that deadlines are met.

Keri Giordano
Project Manager

Cole Watts
Marketing Manager

Cole is the Marketing Manager at TheeDesign Studio. He helps clients become more visible on search engines by helping them get the maximum value out of their websites and social media profiles. Working at TheeDesign, Cole hopes to help companies better connect with their prospective customers.

Patrick Stox
Marketing Project Supervisor

Patrick is the Marketing Project Supervisor at TheeDesign Studio. He helps clients stay ahead of their competition and makes their websites work for them.

Lauren Curatola
Internet Marketing Communications Manager

Lauren Curatola is our Marketing Communications Manager at TheeDesign Studio. She collaborates with the marketing team to create an online presence for clients using the latest technology and trends.

Sharon Dawson
Internet Marketing Specialist

Sharon is an Internet Marketing Specialist at TheeDesign Studio. She helps clients plan and implement well rounded internet marketing plans.

Rob Delory
Sales Manager

Rob is a Sales Manager here at TheeDesign Studio. Even in his sleep, he is thinking about online strategy for businesses. With a full team of experts in each of their fields by his side, you can be confident that they can provide quality designs, a website that meets your companies specific needs and has the ability to be found online.

Marina Voulova
PHP / MySQL Programmer

Marina is one of our PHP / MySQL programmers. She has over ten years of ecommerce and database development experience. She graduated from Duke University in 2004 and is currently responsible for creating custom web applications, shopping cart applications and custom WordPress plugins.

Aron Rencsenyi
Web Designer / WordPress Developer

Aron is a Web Designer and CMS Developer at TheeDesign Studio. Aron is a lover of all things WordPress and helps create dynamic and engaging websites for our clients. After programming and designing for almost 20 years, Aron has seen it all, and can attest to the fact that WordPress is the best content management system out there.

Vector Szalkai
Multimedia Designer / Video Producer

Vector is our multimedia designer and video producer. He has been in the video production industry since 1988. His creativity and talent produces dynamic three-dimensional animations and online videos. Vector’s creations separate our customers from the competition and instantly grab the attention of the viewer. Call Vector today to unleash the power of internet video!

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